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Business Plans

Many owners think Business Plans are complex and unnecessary but they are essential to run and grow a successful Business, they allow you to;

  • Set Goals
  • Define Objectives
  • Create Strategies
  • Focus Resources and Energy
  • Target your Marketing
  • Finance Applications or Investors
  • Adapt easily to Changes and Opportunities
  • Identify Challenges

Your plan should address both long and short term goals for the both the Owner and the Business, you may have a 3 or 5 year plan which is then broken down into more specific time periods such as 12, 6 or even 3 months


A Business Plan provides direction and often includes the following areas;

  • Title Page
  • Business Summary
  • Operations Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Vision Statement
  • Financial Plan
  • Supporting Documentation


Review your Business Plan regularly and track your progress to ensure you are achieving your targets and goals




1st Stop Professional Services can assist you to not only complete your Business Plan but regularly review and monitor your accounts to assure you are on track to grow your Business

Ask about our Monthly Packages available to assist in the Development and Growth of your Business. We will help you set clear, achievable goals and create strategies to reach them